• Rotogravure & Offset Printing Specialist since 1926

Printing Industry

Printing Industry

Packaging Construction:

-Printing industry

  • Rotogravure:
  • 8 & 9 color rotogravure machines – Italian made.
  • Fully registered control by eltromat and Bobst technology.
  • Electro static charge equipment for eliminating white spots.
  • Specialties:
  • Printed Films for: Twist packaging, form fill and seal pouches, pillow pack, lollypops packaging, confectioneries, chocolate, medicines, butter, margarine, tea, biscuits, powders, bottled water and beverages.
  • All kinds of polypropylene film: transparent, milky, butter, metalized, pearlized and label.
  • All kinds of P.V.C. film: transparent, colored, pearlized and metalized.
  • Coated paper treated with paraffin wax, or hot melt, or chemically treated.
  • The production stiffener board for soap wrapping: Anti Fungi treatment with the highest and updated European standards on our specialist coating lines.
  • Printed aluminum foil: treated for sealing, such as: medicine packaging and uncoated such as: chocolate packaging.
  • Special treated and coated vegetable paper for margarine and butter packaging.
  • Offset Machines:
  • [2 – 4 – 6] Colours offset machine (Heidelberg).
  • 5 Cutting and creasing Machine (Bobst).
  • Folder Gluer Machine (Bobst).
  • Hot foil stamping machine.
  • Varnish UV coating Machine (German).
  • 2 Lamination Machines.
  • Offset printing : produce all types of boxes on duplex board (white, grey SBS board) for pharmaceutical, sweets, candies, biscuits, grocery, food, tobacco, cigarettes, etc… packaging. All boxes maybe printed on non-absorbent material such as: metalized film + paper board, embossed board, hot foil stamped board paper.
  • Laminators and multi coaters:
  • Pagendram solvent base lamination machine and coating (Germany).
  • Nord Meccanica machines: solvent base and solvetless (Italian).
  • Laminated materials (double layers) which are used for packaging of products such as:
  • Fresh food: processed meat, cheese, dairy products, juices, deserts, icecream, butter, margarine, etc…
  • Dry products: coffee, powder milk, snacks, pasta, flour, chocolate, cigarettes, spices, macaroni, tea, liquid detergents, powders, pharmaceutical, etc…
  • In addition to special coated paper for paper & coin money wrapping, etc…


  • Slitters and Transformers:
  • C-schiavi slitters (different sizes) (Italy).
  • Goebel slitters (different sizes) (Germany).
  • Punching and cone making:

Machines for ice cream cone:

  • Risen punching machines (Germany).
  • 4 lange cone making machines (Germany).
  • Other packaging fields:
  • The production of all kinds of soap wrapping material (paper wrapped) – (flow wrap).
  • The production of ice cream cones.
  • The production of colored, transparent and metalized P.V.C. film (8 to 150 micron).
  • The production of printed / treated aluminum and mix pap cover for chocolate and yoghurt packaging, in addition to the bande role wrapper.
  • Decoratives:
  • Rio Pack produces raw materials for the decoration industry.
  • Our graphic design and pre-press department will transfer your wishes into excellent packaging solutions with the best outcome.


Printing Industry

Riopack Company operates in 10th of Ramadan City in the field of printing, especially in the field of printing Rotogravure since 1926, and includes printing on transparent polyester films and metallic...

: 3rd Industrial Zone (A2)
Piece Number 2/5/7 and 2/5/8
10th of Ramadan City - Egypt
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